Who We Are

Name of Church:

Name of church /religious institution is CHURCH OF CHRIST KANPUR Pandu Nagar It was established in 1981.

Address of Church:

It is situated at 117/H-2/204, Pandu Nagar in Kanpur U.P., India.

Area of operation:

It is functioning and proposing in all over India & it has new both English & Hindi services in U.P. . It is hoped that other Christian groups will unite within the frame work of the church of Christ

Object of our Church:

1. To exalt & glorify the name of our savior Jesus Christ on Earth.
2. To make people know the teaching of the Lord Jesus according to holy Bible.
3. To conduct Campaign for the help of poor, helpless & handicapped also orphans.
4. To conduct healing Campaign all over Indian and abroad.
5. To pray for the sick and give them medical aid free of cost.