CHURCH OF CHRIST KANPUR has organized Vocational Bible Study for children age 6 to 16 years. where children came to know about GENISES and lifehistory and miracles of Jesus Christ.They also learned religious songs and moral teachings. About fifty to sixty children participated in the program headed by Mrs.Ritu Singh, Mrs.Renu Singh, Mrs.leenaRodeny, Mr. Sonu Massey, Mrs.Renu Massey and Ms.Reena Singh accompanied by Faireena, Daniel, Prerit, Reuben.Children also prepared Biblical craft work.
CHURCH OF CHRIST is also going to organize three days convention in the month of october from 18 to 20 2009. Subjected specificely on the spritiual upliftment of the soul in Jesus Christ.


1. Rev. Emmanuel Singh (Apostle)
2. Bro. Samuel Singh (Desiple).

In addition CHURCH OF CHRIST has also started Bible study programmes under a renowned Bible teacher Bro.R.D.Rodeny every wednesday sixthirty p.m.

Peace be with you all.