Founder Of Church Of Christ, Kanpur (Rev Bachchu Singh)

History Of Founder (Rev Bachchu Singh):

It is a solemn occasion for this congregation to remember the Beloved Servant of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ Rev. Bachchu Singh, who has been the source and inspiration for building this house of God. The contribution are immense.

This day of April 16 makes a world of difference in the life and worship of the entire family, friends circle and the church at large of Rev. Bachchu Singh, Because on this day of 1930, at Panahpur, near Shahjahanpur, UP, to Mr. jangi Singh and to Mrs. Bela Singh, the Christian family, was born the 4th child to be the Dedicated servant of God. From birth he was a different person. He always used to seek the truth and had a great desire to serve the Lord. He lived as a faithful servant of God for 70 years. He went into rest waiting for Christ Jesus to return to resurrect him on May 11, 1999. He left behind his beloved wife Mrs. Shyama Singh who was the instrumental in working solely for souls alone.

At Age 27, on 1957, he consecrated his life to Lord Jesus Christ. A very different thing was turned his entire life to the cross. The severe back pain from his early age was making his life miserable.
As a faithful Railway driver he silently suffered the tragedy. There came a time one day when he was so much disgusted with the pain and said how long will I suffer this pain God if you will heal me from this pain and enjoy my health in three, I will consecrate my life only for you. Thus, a loving God one who “planted the ear, shall He not hear? He that formed the eye, shall He not see?” (Psalms 94:9).

Instantly Rev Bachchu Singh was made whole. He took a stand to fulfill his world of promise with the Lord to remain loyal to the call which is confirmed by this miracle. As a faithful Railway driver, he thrice tendered his resignation which was rejected. Lastly he answered to the authority for giving the registration that he cannot serve two masters. Thus he left his house family and place to preach the gospel, to pray for the sick, to cast the devil, to “Arise shine for thy light is come, and the glory of the Lord is rises on thee.” (Isaiah 60:1).

After a successful ministry with and for Lord Jesus whom He loves the most, returned home and gave away every belonging to the poor. He soon began to hold cottage meeting in Shahajanpur. People were blessed by the world of God. His spirit led messages were so clear that sinners repented and the miracles began to tae place.

There was a time when Elder TL Osborn was performing great miracles in Lucknow. He wanted to attend the meetings. The hardship and burden of the finance did not let him go. That night he poured out his heart to God and said why not an Indian be given the same gift as you give only to the foreigner. Earlier he had a dream that an aeroplane flying, was shot and its wings were broken. The very next day Elder Osborn’s healing meetings was dismissed, Hearing this message he wept before God sorely and implored to gift him with the mass healing power to hold big meeting and win people to Jesus Christ. A man of implicit faith sent people to prepare place for a mass gathering where God will do His work. Likewise he was bestowed with the entire gift and he was known as the man of miracle working. If only this page had enough space to innumerate all what God could do through his humble servant it would be but only for God’s glory.
He was known amongst the mankind as the humble, pious and lover of poor and the needy. His priority was God and His Kingdom. He was a great healer. All sorts of diseases including asthma, deaf, dumb, and other stubborn and chronic diseases were gelded. So much so that Miss Gulshan Baksh got healed, even after the healing meeting was over when she came in late in her wheel chair. Rev. Bachchu Singh was filled with God’s Sprit and healed her in Kanpur. Every day was a day of miracle such was the faith and power of the servant of God.

Apart from establishing Churches he also founded school in Pandu Nagar. His greatest desire and vision was to have as many Churches dedicated for Christ as possible, because the Church is the hospital for the sinners. This day of April 16, 2011 is for us a great day. On this day Rev. Bachchu Singh was born to let the word of God come true.” ”Before I formed thee in the belly, I knew thee, and before thou comes forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee and found grace in my sight.” (Jeremiah 1:5)